Dypsis carlsmithii  

Dypsis carlsmithii “Stumpy Palm” “Dypsis sp. Stumpy II” Natural Habitat: The natural habitat of this palm is unknown. Some say the palm originating from a single specimen growing in a collection within Hawaii. Description: A medium sized solitary palm that can reach heights around 30 feet, however the true maximum height of this palm in unknown. The trunk is covered in tightly spaced rings, left by the oldest falling leaves. The trunk also has a fat and stumpy appearance, hence the common name “Stumpy Palm”. The crownshaft is a dull orange color with traces of white fuzz that runs along its border. The crownshaft emerges 10-14 long arching, light green pinnate leaves. The inflorescence on this palm is very large, and can produce upwards of 5,000 seeds. There is another Dypsis palm with the same common name “Stumpy“, and the two are sometimes confused. This palm is now referred to as “Stump I”, with the carlsithii referred to as “Stumpy II” Environment: The carlsmithii enjoys a sunny, moist, and well drained area. It enjoys a good amount of sun throughout the day as an adult. As a younger palm, it likes a shadier area. It is somewhat cold hardy, and can handle temperatures into the mid 30’s with little to no damage. Zones 10-11