Dypsis arenarum 

Dypsis arenarum “Neon Areca Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the rainforest of Madagascar. Description: A much aligned palm, the arenarum is often misidentified as other Dypsis palms. Most often the arenarum is compared to a similar looking palm, the Dypsis lutescens. Some argue that they could be different variations of the same palm. However, there are noticeable differences between the two palms, including longer petioles (branches), longer leaflets and a more colorful emerging leaves. The arenarum is a naturally clumping palm that can reach heights around 10-15 feet tall. The palm has skinny heavily ringed tan or light gray trunks. The green pinnate leaflets emerge from the rachis on a single plain. The crownshaft is very colorful, with a yellow and white base. As the crownshaft reaches the top of the palm, and the newest emerging leaves, it becomes a park purple or pink color really catching the eye. Overall a fast and easy palm to grow. Environment: The arenarum enjoys a sunny/shady moist area where it can get some good filtered sun throughout the day. It is naturally clumping, so it should be planted with room to grow both up and out. It is said to be as cold hardy as the Dypsis lutescens, so it is cold hardy to the mid 30’s with minimal damage. It can take temps down into the 20’s with mild frosts and freezes once established, but it will be heavily damaged, losing some or most of its heads, but can come back in the spring.