Dypsis albofarinosa 

Dypsis albofarinosa “White Powder Palm” Dypsis sp. “White Stem” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the under story rainforest of Madagascar. Description: A medium sized clumping Dypsis, similar in appearance to the Dypsis lutescens or “Golden Cane Palm”. The albofarinosa can reach heights around 10-15 feet tall, but we figure can grow larger in cultivation if given the proper environment. The crownshaft is almost pure white, due to a thin powder like hairs that cover the crown and trunk. The white powder tends to thin out on the trunk as it grows, leaving behind a green or blue colored trunk. The branches are long and arching, with thin drooping leaves that can cover the white trunk if not trimmed back. The albofarinosa was discovered/described in 2004 and temporarily named Dypsis sp. “White Stem”, until it was recently properly given the Latin name of Dypsis albofarinosa Environment: This palm enjoys a shady moist area where it can be protected from strong winds that can damage the thin leaves. It is said not to be cold tolerant, but we had seedling survive high 30’s last winter with no protection and do just fine. (We do not suggest repeating our actions). As a seedling keep the palm in a shady area where it will get watered regularly.