Cyrtostachys renda  

Cyrtostachys renda “Sealing Wax Palm” & “Lipstick Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found in the lowland rain forests and coastal swamps of Thailand, Sumatra, Malaysia, and Borneo. Description: An amazingly colorful palm with bright red or orange slender crownshafts and petioles. The renda is a naturally clumping palm which can reach over 60 feet tall in its natural habitat, but usually get no more than 30 feet tall in cultivation. The slender trunks are a dark green, with prominent gray or tan leaf scares. The trunk will slowly fade from green to gray or tan as the palm ages. The crownshaft emerges 6-8, 4-5 foot slightly aching light green leaves, that ascend straight upwards and do not drop below the crown. The renda starts life as a tiny slow growing seedling that can take upwards of 3 years to reach a 1 gallon size. After it reaches a one gallon, it will begin to clump, emerging small offshoots, and speed up in overall growth. Environment: The renda enjoys a sunny humid and swampy area where it can get plenty of moisture throughout the day. This palm can sometimes be seen growing in small ponds or swaps, with the bottom half of their pots under water. As a seedling, it enjoys a more shady area where it can get watered regularly. It is very cold sensitive, being damaged and possibly dying in any temperatures under 40. So this palm is usually best suited for the tropics. Zones 10b-11. If not grown in the tropics, it will be best suited as a potted palm, and kept indoors (green house) during the winter.