Cyphophoemix elegans  

Cyphophoenix elegans Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout a wide range of habitats in North-west, New Caledonia Description: A slender solitary palm that can reach heights over 40 feet tall. The elegans develops a tall and usually bent or curved trunk. The trunk is a brown-yellow trunk that is heavily covered with tightly arranged leaf scares. The short self-cleaning crownshaft is variable in color ranging from light green to yellow to white, and usually develops a bulbous base where it meets the trunk. The crown emerges 6-10 small heavily arching; light green leaves. The stiff leaflets are rather long for the branches overall length, and ascend outward. Environment: The elegans enjoys a sunny, moist and well-drained area, where it can get half / sun half shade during the day. It is somewhat cold hardy and can handle temps down into the low 30’s with minimal damage. However we recommend keeping this palm in Zones10-11 only, even though we have been growing them here in 9b for a year now. As a seedling keep it in a shady area, where it will get watered regularly.