Cryosophila guagara

Cryosophila guagara “Costa Rican Fan Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout Pacific understory rainforest in Costa Rica and Panama. Description: A medium sized mostly solitary, but sometimes clustering, fan palm that can reach heights around 25 feet tall. The most interesting aspect of this palm is the graceful fan shaped leaves that have dark green topsides and bright white undersides. The leaves are split into 30-40 small slender segments with pointed drooping ends forming a very attractive silhouette. The trunk is slender and light grey or tan with slightly darker rings left by the older falling leaves. The short untidy greenish white crownshaft is 2 foot long and emerges 14-16 leaves that sit on the ends of long green petioles. Environment: The guagara enjoys a shady moist area where it will get planet of moisture throughout the day. A tropical palm in climate requirements, it needs plenty of humidity and warm weather. Not a cold hardy palm, it should be grown in Zones 10-11 and kept out of regions with sub 35 tempertures and frost or freezes. FYI: We have had some success growing similar species within the Cryosophila family here in Orlando, FL under canopy and protected during freezes.