Copernicia macroglossa 

Copernica macroglossa “Cuban Petticoat Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the island of Cuba. Description: A great looking and unusual palm, that is very popular among collectors. What makes this palm unusual is the crownshaft, which emerges as many as 10-12 petiole-less (branch less) leaves. The leaves are light green, stiff, and fan shaped. As the leaves age, they do not fall off, but slowly drop on the palm, forming a skirt of dead leaves under the newer ones. The trunk can be either a clean light brown or gray or covered with old brown branches that do not fall off. Environment: The macroglossa enjoys a sunny moist, and well-drained area, where it can get plenty of sun during the day. It is cold sensitive and should be only kept in Zone 10-11. It can take temps down into the low 40’s with no to minimal damage. As a seedling, it only needs a shady moist area where it will get watered regularly.