Copernicia hospita 

Copernicia hospita Natural Habitat: Naturally endemic to savannas and open woodlands in Cuba. Description: A large solitary fan palm that can reach heights over 20 feet tall. The most attractive aspect of this palm is the large circular fan leaves, which can reach 5-7 feet wide, and are a brilliant silvery blue or white color. The silver/blue color is created by a waxy substance that coats the leaves. The petioles (branches) are also a silvery white color. The crownshaft is non-self cleaning and holds on to its old leaves forming a skirt of dead leaves under the crown, until they eventually fall off or disintegrate. The gray or light brown trunk is smooth and can reach a foot in diameter. Environment: The hospita enjoys a sunny moist area where it can get plenty of full sun during the day. It is drought tolerant but fairs must better if watered regularly. It is cold hardy to the high 20’s and can tolerate mild frosts and freezes. Zones 9b-11 Overall the Copernicia family is very cold hardy.