Coccothrinax crinita  

Coccothrinax crinita “Old Man Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the island of Cuba Description: A truly unique palm, which gets its common name from the overcoat of hair like fibers that cover the entire length of the trunk, closely resembling an old mans beard. The fibers are light brown and completely cover the trunk, extending outward giving the palm a very robust appearance This slow growing tree can reach heights around 10 feet tall. The crown emerges 10-15 large circular fan shaped leaves. The leaves have light green topsides and a grayish green underside. Environment: The crinita enjoys a sunny well drained area, where it can get watered regularly It can take both full and partial sun during the day. It is somewhat cold hardy and can take temperatures down into the low 30’s without having any visible damage. They have a large adult specimen here in Orlando at Lue Gardens. As a seedling, keep it in a shady moist area, and allow it room to grow.