Coccothrinax barbadensis  

Coccothrinax barbadensis “Silver Thatch Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found through a wide range of islands in the Lesser Antilles; including Barbados, Trinidad, Tobago, and Northern Venezuela, where it grows in low scrubland. Description: A Solitary trunked palm that can reach heights over 40 feet tall in habitat, and is said to one of the largest in its genus. The circular palmate shaped leaves are dark green on the topsides with pale white undersides. The leaves are segmented halfway to the center from the tips, which tend to droop giving the palm a nice weeping look. The slender trunk is light gray and reaches 6 inches in diameter. Environment: The barbadensis enjoys a sunny moist area where it can get good sun and water throughout the day. It is drought tolerant and go days in between watering, making it a good palm to plant in drier areas of your yard. The barbadensis prefers a slightly alkaline (lime) sandy well drained soil. Not a cold tolerant palm, the barbadensis is not frost or freeze tolerant and should be protected during any temperatures under 35. Zones 10-11. Marginal 9b if planted in a protected area.