Coccos nucifera 

Coccos nucifera “Coconut Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally the widest distributed palm throughout the world, found along most tropical costal areas. No one is quite sure where the palm is originally from. Some speculate the India Ocean, Central Pacific, or South America where its closest relative is found. Description: The coconut is a very variable palm, with around ten different cultivated varieties including the Bronze Maypan, Yellow Malayan, Fiji Dwarf, Jamaican Tall, and Red Spicata, to name a few. All these trees are similar in appearance, but differ in color, trunk length or girth and natural location. Environment: The coconut palm enjoys a sunny wet area where it gets plenty of humidity. It can take full sun, and very wet conditions, including coastal area where it is very salt tolerant. It can survive in area with less humidity, such as Central Florida, but can be damaged during the winter months. Zones 9b-11. As a seedling, keep it in a partially shady area where it will not dry out. Can handle being a indoor/outdoor potted for a few years, until they will grow to tall.