Chuniophoenix nana 

Chuniophoenix nana Natural Habitat: Naturally endemic to Southernmost China and Vietnam where it grows in the low mountain rainforest. Description: A small clustering fan palm that can reach 3-4 feet tall. The crownshaft is held on top of a skinny light green trunk that suckers throughout its life, forming small dense clusters. The nana has palmate fan shaped leaves, which are split into 6 widely separated segments that lie on petioles in a circular pattern. It is often compared to the Rhapis excelsa or Lady Palm, for its close appearance. However the nana grows much faster and is more manageable to grow over a long period of time. Though small in stature, the nana is a great potted palm, which makes an excellent addition in any in and outdoor area. It can be easily grown both in and outdoors, in a wide variety of environments and locations. Environment: The nana enjoys a shady area where it will get plenty of water and shade throughout the day. It can benefit from being in a protected locations, where it can avoid strong winds and weather that can beat up the leaves. It is cold hardy to the high 20’s and can survive mild frosts and freezes with little to no damage. We have seen adult plants survive in a protected area during hard freezes here in Central Florida.