Chambeyronia 'Sublime'

Chambeyronia macrocarpa x hookerii “Sublime Palm” Natural Habitat: This cross occurs in Hawaii. The seeds used to produce these seedlings, come from a pair (macrocarpa & hookerii) of trees planted next to each other. The trees are very large and mature. Description: This is a new palm cross we have recently obtained from one of our suppliers. This is not yet a certified hybrid, but has been classified by very reliable sources. The cross has occurred naturally from two large mature trees planted next to each other. The seedlings are noticeably different then either the hookeri or the macrocarpa, as well as the seeds. The colors on these seedlings are amazing. There is some bleeding from orange to pink to yellow as can be seen in the pictures. Environment: This cross should be treated as either of the other two Chambeyronia. They enjoy a shady area and plenty of water.