Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera 

Chamaerops humilis var cerifera “Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the Atlas mountain range in Morocco. Description: A medium sized, mostly clumping but sometimes solitary fan palm that averages around 7-10 feet tall, even though very old specimen have been recorded at over 30 feet tall. The palm forms small clumps that have an overall stumpy appearance, with short stout trunks. The crown is short and covered with thin fibers, emerging 15-20 separate leaves. The leaves appear an unmistakable blue/silver color, due to fine powder like hairs on the leaves. The hairs can be rubbed or worn off from elements and age. Variation: This palm is a variation of the C. humilis, or European Fan Palm. This variety develops the much sought after blue/silver leaves. Another difference is it is slower growing and hence usually shorter then the Euro Fan. It is also more cold hardy than the Euro Fan, due to its natural habitat being located at a higher elevation. Environment: This Palm enjoys a sunny, moist and well-drained area, where it will get watered regularly, but not over done. Since it is from an arid climate, it is not well suited for the tropics or high humidity. It is very cold hardy and drought tolerant as an adult plant. It can handle severe frosts and temperatures, making it ideal for Northern States. Zones 7-9. It can also live well as a potted plant until it is large enough for planting.