Chamaedorea tepejilote  

Chamaedorea tepejilote “Solitary Bamboo Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found widespread throughout the rainforest in Mexico, Central America, and Northwestern Columbia Description: A highly variable palm, due to its large habitat range. It can be found as either a solitary or clumping palm. The leaves can also be variable in size, shape, and number. The palm has an overall slender appearance reaching heights anywhere between 10-20 feet tall on a light green trunk that is 3 inches in diameter. The trunk is a glossy dark green color with skinny white rings left by the oldest falling leaves, giving it a bamboo like appearance. The crownshaft is dark to light green, depending on the stage of life the oldest outer leaf is in. The crownshaft emerges 7-10 arching 5-6 foot leaves with dark green cigar shaped leaflets. Most specimens are found to be solitary, causing cultivars to plant a few palms together, to form a nice sized clump. This palm can fair well as a indoor/outdoor potted palm. Environment: The tepejilote enjoys a heavily shaded and moist area where it can avoid any direct sunlight throughout the day. It is not very cold hardy and should be protected during any rough winter nights. Zones 10-11. As a potted palm it should be kept by a warm window or shady porch area.