Chamaedorea cataractarum 

Chamaedorea catcaractarum “Cat Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found through Mexico long rivers and river beds. Description: A small clumping palm that can reach height around 8 feet tall. The palm begins life as a single seedling, but will eventually begin to sucker and form dense clumps that make excellent wall or hedge cover in landscape design. The small palms are trunk less, which tend to keep their overall height below 8 feet tall. The leaves are a dark green, very thin, and pinnate along the branch, giving it a very elegant appearance. Environment: This palm can thrive in both full sun and shade, and is hardy to both as long as it is kept moist. It is also very flood tolerant, being able to live underwater for days too weeks, making it an excellent choice for planting along canals, rivers, or low areas of the yard. Since this tree does not grow very tall, it is also an excellent potted plant, doing well both in and out doors. This palm is cold hardy down into the low 30’s, and can take minor frosts. Zones 9-11