Chamaedorea alternans 

Chamaedorea alternans Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the understory rainforest in Mexico Description: A slender clumping or solitary palm that can reach height around 10 feet tall. It is very similar in appearance to Chamaedorea tepejilote, with its dark green trunk and white leaf scares (appearance is similar to bamboo). The branches are long and pinnate with dark green leaves evenly arranged along the branch. The leaves are also very detailed with heavy leaf veins. Like most member of the Chamaedorea family, the alternans is a great palm to use as a potted plant. It short height and elegant leaves make it a great addition to any porch or sunroom. Environment: The alternans enjoys a shady, moist, and well-drained area. It can take a few hours of full sun during the day with no yellowing or burning. It is also cold tolerant and can take mild frost and freezes, with temperatures down into the high 20’s. Zones 9-11