Chamaedorea adscendens 

Chamaedorea adscendens Natural Habitat: Naturally found in the mountainous rainforest of Northern Guatemala and Southern Belize, where it can be found growing at elevations up to 2000 feet above sea level. Description: A small slender trunked solitary palm that can reach 6 feet tall. The most interesting trait of this palm is the bright white crownshaft that develops over time, giving the palm a very distinct appearance. The crownshaft emerges 5-8 pinnate leaves, with very thick leathery leaflets, which have been said to be the thickest in the genus. The oval shaped leaflets are a bluish green color, with a white sheen, giving the leaflets a unique look. Since the small palms are usually solitary, it is common practice to plant 3-5 together in a large pot. Environment: The adscendens enjoys a shady moist area where it will be kept in full shade throughout the day. Even small amounts of direct sun can burn the leaves, as we learned the hard way. Due to its short stature this palm makes an excellent potted plant for a shady patio or greenhouse. The adscendens is not very cold hardy and should be protected during any temperatures that get below 40. Zones 10-11 if planted outdoors.