Caryota uerns  

Caryota urens “Toddy Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the emergent forest of Sir Lanka, Burma, and India. Description: A large solitary Caryota that can reach heights over 50 feet tall. It develops a long gray trunk with widely separated black leaf scares, after old branches fall off the self-cleaning crown. The crown is hardly visible among the long elegant branches that cover the top of the tree. Each branch is very has smaller branches hanging off them, each with its own set of leaves. These smaller branches usually form triangle pattern, growing longer from the end of the branch, as they get closer to the crown. This gives the tree a unique appearance similar to bamboo. Like most Caryota’s, the urens is monocarpic, meaning it will die once it finishes flowering. This is unfortunate, due to its overall length and removal. However this takes many years, but consideration should be paid to its location. This palm can also be used as a great indoor potted plant for many years. If kept confined to small pots it can grow at a reduced rate and do just fine indoors or on the patio. Environment: The urens enjoys a sunny moist, but well drained area where it can grow up towards the sky. It is cold hardy and can take mild freezes and cold weather as an acclimated adult tree. Zones 9b-11. As a seedling, keep it in a shady area where it will get regular watering.