Caryota ophiopellis  

Caryota ophiopellis Snake Skin Palm Natural Habitat: naturally found throughout the lowland and costal rainforest of Vanuatu, Tanna and Aneityum. Description: A small solitary understory palm that can reach heights around 20 feet tall. The leaf branches are what give the palm its common name, Snake-skin, since they are covered with a amazing pattern combination of white, black, or gray stripes. The stripes are all random, changing with each new leaf that emerges. The pattern on this palm closely resembles a South Pacific python know locally as “In-reg-jay”. The leaves can also be somewhat variegated, with light green stripes on top of a dark green background. Environment: This palm enjoys a moist shady area both as a seedling and as an adult. It can handle full sun, but prefers the shade. It is somewhat cold hardy and can handle temps down into the low 30’s. Zones 9-11 There is a in ground specimen at a local botanical garden here in Orlando, Florida.