Carpentaria acuminata 

Carpentaria acuminata “Carpie Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout Northern Australia, around creeks and lowland areas. Very commonly found there in cultivation Description: A tall slender solitary palm that can reach heights over 40 feet tall. The Carpie is naturally a solitary palm, but is commonly found planted in small clusters of 2-4 within cultivation. It is a very fast growing palm, usually outgrowing or out-racing other nearby trees, or other Carpies in a single cluster. The trunks are a light gray with very slight leaf scares left by the self-cleaning crownshaft. The crowns and rather long and can range in color from a light green to yellow to white. The light green leaves are very arching as 7-10 of them emerges from the crown. Once the tree matures and begins to seed, it does not stop, producing thousands of bright red seeds from a single pod. Environment: This tree enjoys a sunny wet area, where it will be allowed to grow tall. It can be planted in a low area of the yard that floods during heavy rains, actually soaking up some of the flood for you. The area we have large cluster planted does not flood any more. As a seedling, keep them in a shady area, where they will be watered regularly.