Calyptrocalyx hollrungii  

Calyptrocalyx hollrungii Habitat: The tropical rainforest of New Guinea, on the Huon Peninsula. Description: A small understory palm that can reach heights around 7-8 feet depending on its location. The palm is naturally clumping, and will start to sprout small sucklings after a few years of life. The palm has a variable leaf shape, ranging from a single bi-fold shape to being entirely pinnate. The different leaf shapes have even been recorded on a single clump. New leaves emerge a bright red color, as can be seen in the pictures, and stay that color for a few weeks. Environment: This tree enjoys a very shaded, warm location that gets little to no full sun. It enjoys plenty of water and a regular dose of fertilizer. It is cold sensitive and should be kept in zones 10-11. However we have had ours in Zone 9, and they seemed to handle the winter okay.