Burretiokentia hapala 

Burretiokentia hapala Natural habitat: Naturally found throughout the New Caledonian rainforest. Description: The hapala is a solitary palm the can reach heights around 30 feet tall, with a trunk diameter of 6 inches. The slender trunk has is a glossy green, that it usually maintains as it ages, with large tan leaf scares. The self-cleaning crownshaft is variable, and will change in color and shape as it develops. Usually starting light green, and turning to a more tan-brown color after many years. The crownshaft emerges 7-10, 7-8 foot long leaves. The leaves are light green and pinnate. The hapala is a relatively fast grower reaching a one gallon nice size one gallon in its first year of life. Environment: The hapala enjoys a sunny moist, and well-drained area where it can get a decent amount of sun during the day. It is cold hardy to the mid 30’s, and can live as far north as zone 9b. Zones 9b-11. As a seedling, it only needs a shady area where it will get watered regularly and has plenty of room to grow.