Bismarckia nobilis  

Bismarckia nobilis “Bismark Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found in the open grasslands and plateau of Northern and Western Madagascar. Description: A large solitary fan palm that can reach 80 feet tall in natural habitat, but usually grows much smaller in cultivation reaching between 30-40 feet tall. The bright bluish white costapalmate leaves are circular shaped with a large bend or kink in the middle of the leaf, giving them a folded appearance. The leaves sit on the end of bright white petioles (branches). The bluish white leaves give these palms an unforgettable appearance, and make them a great addition to any collection. A nobilis is a fast growing palm, developing a smooth light gray or tan trunk in 3-4 years. The trunk is usually self cleaning after developing a trunk, dropping it old leaves and leaf bases as the die off. Environment: The nobilis enjoys a sunny moist area where it will get plenty of full sun throughout the day. It is also a water lover and will grow faster and more robust if given abundant moisture. These palms can handle full sun from a very young age, even as newly sprouted seedlings. They are cold hardy to the low 30’s, and can handle mild frosts and freezes with little to no damage.