Basselinia gracilis  

Basselinia gracilis Natural Habitat: Naturally found in New Caledonia. Description: A small clustering understory palm, with a brown slender trunk, with light leaf scars, that can reach heights over 20 feet tall. The species is very variable in color, size, and leaf shape. The crownshaft colors can range from orange to yellow to brown, with black fuzz covering certain areas. The leaves are green and pinnate. They can range in size from a skinny thin leaf to a fat leaf, which can resemble a Veitchia palm. Environment: The gracilis enjoys a shady moist area, both as a seedling and an adult tree. It is somewhat cold hardy since it grows in high elevation, and can take temps down into the 30’s. It can take full sun and can be planted by itself, but we recommend planting it in a sheltered location.