Astrocaryum mexicanum  

Astrocaryum mexicanum “Choco Palm” Natural Habitat: The rainforest of Mexico and Central America. Description: A medium sized palm that can reach heights over 30 feet tall. The mexicanum is heavily spiked along its trunk, crownshaft, branches and even inflorescences. It has a slender trunk, which gives way to a small tan to brown crownshaft. The branches are quite long for the palms size reaching lengths over 10 feet long. The leaves are arranged in a pinnate pattern, with dark green tops and silver undersides. Environment: The mexicanum enjoys a shady moist area, where it can get a few hours of full sun a day. It is said to be the coldest hardy species in the Astrocaryum family, handling temps down into the low 30’s. There is an in-ground specimen planted at a botanical garden here in Orlando, Florida. Zones 9-11