Arenga tremula 

Arenga tremula “Dwarf Sugar Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally endemic to small rainforest clearings throughout the Philippine Islands Description: A naturally heavily clumping palm that can be either trunk less to heights around 10 feet tall or develop small green trunks that can reach heights around 10 feet, with a total height around 15 feet tall. The trunks are covered with a netting of black fiber closest to the crownshaft. The black netting can fall off as the palm ages, revealing a green ringed trunk. The leaves are light green above and a silvery green below. The leaves are pinnate along the rachis (branch) and can become drooping over time. The palm is a slow grower and can be a good indoor palm for many years. Environment: The tremula enjoys a sunny area where it can get plenty of sun during the day. It requires a rich, loose, and well-drained soil, where it will not dry out. This species is somewhat cold hardy, living as far north as Zone 9b in protected area. It can take temps into the mid 30’s with minimal damage. If used as a potted plant, make sure it gets plenty of sun during the day. As a seedling, keep the young tree in a shady area where it will get watered regularly