Arenga hookeriana 

Arenga hookeriana “Tiger Paw Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the under story rainforest in Malaysia and Thailand Description: A small naturally clustering palm that can reach heights around 10 feet, but usually stay in the 5-6 foot range. A favorite palm among collectors, for its small heavily notched leaves undivided leaves. The leaves are hard to describe since they are not similar to many other leaves in the palm world. To us, they look similar to a Tigers or animals paw, hence our common name. The leaves have light green topsides and silvery bottom sides. The small palms do have very skinny trunks, which are usually hidden in their small clusters. The crownshaft is hardly visible from the trunk and emerges 6-8 leaves. A single palm can form a very nice cluster over time and make an excellent potted plant Environment: This palm enjoys a well-shaded and moist area where it can stay hidden from the sun during the day. It is cold hardy and can handle sub-tropical environments, with temperatures down into the low 30’s, showing only minimal damage. Zones 9b-11. We suggest keeping the tree as a potted plant, so it can be moves inside during harsh winters.