Arenga engleri  

Arenga engleri “Sugar Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the moist forest of the low mountains of the Ryukyu Islands of Japan and Taiwan. Description: A medium sized clustering palm that can reach heights over 10 feet tall with clumps 15 feet wide. The engleri will form dense clusters on its own over time, emerging new off shoots from its bases, once it reaches a 5-7 gallon size. The trunks are covered in a netting of black fibers, which emerge from the crownshaft. The netting remains on the trunk until it eventually falls off over time revealing a light brown or gray trunk with distinct leaf scares left by the old leaves. The crown emerges long pinnate leaves that can row to length over 9 feet long. The leaflets are leathery and stiff, with jagged borders and ends, and have dark glossy green topsides, and silvery undersides. When the tree seeds, it produces a large seed pod of green grape sized seeds, that eventually ripen to bright shades of yellow orange and red. As this palm clumps, and emerges new suckers, they can be successfully removed and re-potted, if they have small amounts of roots growing on them. Environment: The engleri enjoys a sunny area moist and well drained area, where ti will not dry out. This palm loves water and will grow quicker if kept on a regular watering schedule. It is cold hardy to the mid 20’s, and can handle mild freezes and frosts with no to minimal damage. There have been known of specimen growing in Zones 8b. Zones 9-11. As a seedling keep young palm in a shady area where it will get watered regularly.