Areca triandra 

Areca triandra Natural habitat: Found in the rainforest throughout India and South East Asia. Description: A medium size clustering Areca species that can reach heights over 15 feet tall. The tree is naturally clustering and begins to form large clumps as it grows. The trunks of the triandra are slender, while being a bright green color with large white leaf scars. The trunks resemble bamboo. The leaves are pinnate and a light green color. The tree seeds with multiple large pods, at different stages, much like other Areca’s. The seeds turn a bright red color and are said to have a citrus scent to them. Environment: The triandra enjoys a shady moist area for all of its life. It can take a few hours of full sun a day, but it is best to keep it out of the sun. As a seedling, it needs plenty of shade and water.