Archontophoenix purpurea 

Archontophoenix purpurea “Purple King Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally endemic in the mountainous rainforest of Northeast Queensland, Australia. Description: A tall, slender, solitary palm that can reach heights over 50 feet tall, similar in appearance to A. alexandrae. The palm’s most appealing trait is its purple crownshaft, which develops as the palm matures. Once the purple color appears, it stays on the tree for the rest of its life. The trunk is slender with a bulbous base and gray ascending leaf scars close to the crown. The leaves are pinnate and a light green color, with a silvery underside, which is even apparent as a seedling. Environment: This palm enjoys a sunny moist area where it can get a few hours of shade a day. It is very hardy to wind and the elements, making it a great landscape plant. It is also cold hardy due to its natural environment at high elevations, taking temperatures down into the high 20’s with no or little visible damage. There are adult specimens growing here in Orlando, FL. Zones 9-11. As a seedling keep the young tree moist and in a shaded area.