Archontophoenix maxima  

Archontophoenix maxima “Walsh River Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found along the Walsh river and its tributaries and surrounding areas in Central Queensland. Description: The largest member of the Archontophoenix family, the maxima can reach heights over 60 feet tall with large ascending leaves adding even more height to this great looking palm. The maxim is a solitary palm that develops a thick gray trunk with light gray leaf scares. The light green self-cleaning crownshaft is long and slender. It emerges 8-12 long pinnate leaves that can reach lengths over 10 feet. The leaflets are dark green and are evenly spaced along the branch. The maxima is a fast and easy palm to grow, making it a good species for beginners. Environment: The maxima enjoys a sunny, moist area where it will get plenty of sun during the day. It is a water lover; so don’t be afraid to plant it in a lower area of the year that can flood. It is cold hardy to the low 30’s and can tolerate very mild frosts and freezes. Zones 9b-11. As a seedling simply keep it in a shady area where it will get watered regularly.