Aiphanes horrida 

Aiphanes horrida “Ruffle Palm” “Coyure Palm” Natural Habitat: Widely distributed throughout South America and part of Central America Description: A medium sized solitary palm that can reach heights over 20 feet tall. It is heavily armored along it trunk, branches, and leaves with large very sharp spines. The gray trunk is literally 360 degrees covered with these long spines making this palm a great palm to plant as a deterrent. The leaves as ruffled and similar in appearance to fishtail palm, and was once classified with a similar name to the Caryota (fishtail palm family) family. The leaves also have spines growing on the undersides, making trimming a challenge. The non-self cleaning crownshaft is also covered in spines. Environment: This palm enjoys a sunny, moist , and well drained area, where it can get some ggood sun throughout the day. It is cold sensitive and should be protected with any temperatures under 40. Zones 10-11. We have seen large adult specimen growing, here in Orlando, but with special precautions. As a seedling, keep the palm in a shady area where it can get watered regularly. This is an easy growing and tough palm that can take some good abuse. We had a large horrida get smashed by a falling oak branch, during a heavy storm. It broke off every branch, and smashed in the crownshaft. It looked doomed at first, but made a surprising full comeback.