Adonidia merrillii

Adonidia merrillii “Christmas Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the lowland regions of the Philippine Islands. Description: One of the most widely distributed palms found throughout the world. A tall solitary feather palm that can reach 50 feet tall in its habitat. It cultivation it grows much smaller usually topping out around 20-30 feet tall. The trunk is light gray and with visible rings or leaf scares, left by the oldest leaves that fall off the self cleaning light green crownshaft. The crownshaft emerges 10-12 arching light green pinnate leaves. During the winter seasons the palm is filled with both light green and red seeds, similar to Christmas colors, hence the common name. In cultivation the Christmas palm is usually grown in small groups of 3-4. They are planted like this at a early stage of life, so they have time to grow into and around each other forming an inseparable clump. Environment: The Christmas palm enjoys a sunny moist area where it can get plenty of good sunlight throughout the day. It can also grow well in shady areas where it might not get direct sun. As a seedling it enjoys a shady area where it will get watered regularly. It is cold hardy to the low 30’s, but is not tolerant of freezes, where it can burn, brown, and die. Zones 9b-11